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Planning A fantastic Hens Party on the Gold Coast

Most brides-to-be dread the months leading up to their hen party, afraid that the night will spiral out of control. It could be that your friends will plan an event that will make them happier than you, such as dancing the night away without a care in the world. If you are not in the mood for celebrating your last night as a free woman by getting drunk out of your mind, there are plenty of alternatives to opt for. A night out with close friends can still be memorable if it is planned well. Hosting hens parties on the Gold Coast does not have to be difficult as the Pink Flamingo Spiegeclub has experience in providing excellent service. For tips to make your hens party the best night out before you get married, then read further:

If you are a group of friends planning a hens party as a surprise for the future bride, then talking to her about what she wants is pretty simple. While it might spoil the surprise, at least she will get exactly what she wants. If she wants a night out watching a movie with her closest friends, then that’s what she gets. Also, ask her fiancé for some advice on what to plan as he would know her best. And if you don’t want to risk having a sulking bride, then try to keep her abreast of the general event while keeping some surprises a secret.

Whether your hens party is for one night only or the entire weekend, there are still essentials to be packed. So make sure everyone knows what the plans are and what needs to be in your bag, decide who will bring essentials such as curlers and hairdryers so getting ready is a breeze and there is no delay in the night’s proceedings.

If you only have one night together with everyone to celebrate, do not plan activities one after the other. One or two activities are fun for everyone, but any more and people will begin to tire and want to go home early. A simple yet fun night out with everyone will be better as the bride-to-be will have time for everyone

If you are looking to make this night a truly memorable one, consider seeing a burlesque show at the Pink Flamingo followed by a dance at our exclusive club. If you are interested, then contact the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub today