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At Comedy Club, Avoid These 5 Thing

In entertainment, one of the most challenging gigs is stand-up comedy and in turn a comedy club on the Gold Coast will be nothing without an awesome audience. Compared to other contemporary night clubs, a comedy club on the Gold Coast has to maintain a certain level of order to deliver an enjoyable show.

Thus, rules and expectations as to how the patrons ought to behave are designed to ensure that everyone enjoys the show and gets value for their money. However, there is always that one person or group of people who ruin the show, even unintentionally.

So, if you do not want to be the butt of a comedians joke, keep these rules in mind;

1) Do Not Get Wasted

Have a cocktail. It will make the comedian’s jokes much funnier but do not drink the entire bar. There is no need for you to order two Long Island Ice Teas back to back as the drunker you are, the sloppier and more irritating you get.

2) Do Not Heckle

Anything that you utter to a comedian during their set, even it is cute or funny, is considered to be heckling. It may seem that a comedy show is a dialogue between a comedian and their audience; it is not. It is a monologue, a one-person show.

When you are interrupting the performance, you are not enhancing the ambience of the performance or anyone’s entertainment. If you feel the jokes are offending, you can leave or if you think you are funny, why not get up on stage and tell your own jokes?

3) Do Not Get Offended

Should you feel offended by a joke told by a comedian, the best way you can express this is by sitting in silence and not laughing. If you feel like the jokes are not your cup of tea, you do not have to heckle the comedian because no one cares if you are offended.

4) Do Not Play With Your Phone

One of the most disrespectful things you can do at a comedy club on the Gold Coast is burying your head in your phone while a comedian is on stage performing. If you have to respond to a text, quickly do so and don’t scroll through your timeline on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Your bright phone glowing in your face is a blatant middle finger not only to the comedian but to everyone else in the comedy club on the Gold Coast.

5) Do Not Forget To Put Your Phone On Silent Mode

If you are using one of those small hand-held devices, you will need to turn down the volume. It is distracting when ringtones, text notifications and keyboard click notifications are going off.

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