All about ZIRQUE LA LA

Open the velvet curtains and step into the exotic world of ZIRQUE LA LA – A Sexy Riotous Circus Cabaret Show exclusive to the Gold Coast’s one and only the Pink Flamingo!

Monsieur Jerome and Ring Mistress LaLa have searched the four corners of the globe to bring you the most magnificent and dangerously tantalising cirque acts EVER seen!

The Extravaganza of ZIRQUE LA LA will bring a delicious fusion of Circus, Burlesque, Vaudeville and Cabaret garnished with hilarious comedy, raunchy antics, and edge of your seat thrills.

Just when you think you have seen it all… Raise your glass for ZIRQUE LA LA!

Show Details & Time

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Doors and Pre-show entertainment from 6pm
Show Start: 7.30pm
All Tickets 2 For 1 

VIP: $148
Flockin’ Fabulous: $138
Restricted Viewing: $58


Doors and Pre-show entertainment from 6pm
Show Start: 7:30pm

VIP: $148
Flockin’ Fabulous: $138
Restricted Viewing: $58

Early Saturday

Doors and Pre-show entertainment from 3.15pm
Show Start: 4.00pm

VIP: $138
Flockin’ Fabulous: $118
Restricted Viewing: $48

Saturday Night

Doors and Pre-show entertainment from 6:30pm
Show Start: 7:30pm

VIP: $178
Flockin’ Fabulous: $148
Restricted Viewing: $68

What our flockers have to say

"The show was a wild mix of circus, burlesque, and cabaret, and it was so entertaining. The performers were all amazing, and the show was full of energy and excitement. The venue itself was also really cool… The atmosphere was electric, and everyone in the audience was having a blast.


Some real talent in this show. High energy, high tempo show. My only complaint was that it ended too soon. Loved it.


Highly recommend getting "Flocked Up" at the brilliant Zirque La La cabaret show. Great atmosphere, great staff, great costumes, great music and great entertainment, all kept rolling along by the delightful Ringmaster Jerome. Absolutely Fabulous!!


We have just seen the Zirque La La production at Pink Flamingo and it was absolutely fantastic. The whole creation is a magnificent show from start to stop, including the creativity, the style, the music, the drama, and the sheer talent. It is very easy to recommend this show to anyone


What an absolute show stopper! The Pink Flamingo's new show 'Zirque La La' is an entertaining sensory feast. Exquisite costumes, beautiful people and world-class acts the likes I have never seen before, all wrapped up in the pink velvety dream that is the Pink Flamingo. Get your tickets - you will not be disappointed.


Zirque La La is a must see, the costumes are dazzling, the dancers are brilliant and the acrobatic acts rival that of cirque du soleil


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