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Record-Breaking Stunt Performer


Space Cowboy, the world’s wildest record-breaker presents an all-new action-packed show filled with thrilling stunts, deadly escapes and mental marvels.

As the holder of 56 x Guinness World Records, he leads the frontier of extreme performance. See him juggle chainsaws on a giant unicycle; catch speeding arrows while blindfolded and shoot bolts of lightning from his body and more as he pushes the boundaries of possibility. 

See the stunts that crowned The Space Cowboy winner of the Science Channel’s hit series ‘Outrageous acts of Science’, in this jaw-dropping performance. Performing to sell-out crowds and making headlines around the world, The Space Cowboy’s performance is truly unforgettable.


Space Cowboy A3


Doors at 6:30pm Sharp

VIP: $98

Flockin’ Fabulous: $88

Restricted Viewing: $48


word from the flock:

“Incredible” and “amazing”

Australian Stage

Warning – Sparks, chainsaws and arrows will fly and your heart will pound during this jaw-dropping performance

The weekend edition

“It was sick, it was disgusting, it was violent, and I loved every minute of it.”

Scottish magician, Stuart Macleod

“You know that scared the heck out of us, right?”